Land Use & Zoning

Land use and development in Illinois is regulated by a variety of municipal, county and state regulations.  These regulations dictate not only the permitted uses for private property, but also the size and location of buildings within the property.  In addition, the regulations dictate the nature and capacity of infrastructure to serve the use of the property.  The Constitution of the State of Illinois prohibits state and local governments from abusing their control of land use by overreaching and infringing into the protected rights of property owners and developers.

Day Robert & Morrison, P.C. is a full service law firm with a concentration in zoning.  The firm has the ability to process a variety of zoning matters before local government, and litigate land use disputes in court.  To this end, Day Robert & Morrison, P.C. has successfully represented private property owners and developers in processing and obtaining approvals for annexation, zoning amendments, variations, planned developments, special use permits and subdivision of property.  Day Robert & Morrison, P.C. has also successfully defended both municipal governments and private property owners in Illinois state and appellate court proceedings when zoning decisions and approvals have been challenged.